Leonard Auction recognizes that settling an estate is often an emotional, exhausting and daunting task. We have found that on-site estate sales work very well in select situations. These situations include estates where there is an abundance of large and / or reproduction items and estates valued at $50,000 and above. Our team is experienced at conducting quality estate sales in situations where an auction is not feasible.

Leonard Auction additionally offers an Estate Clean Out Service and an Estate Appraisal Service if the situation warrants.



Leonard Auction will provide a complimentary evaluation of the estate based on photographs. After reviewing the photographs, we will follow up with an on-site visit to discuss the appropriate venue and time to sell your property.


After evaluating your property and determining the marketability, Leonard Auction will contract with you to conduct an estate sale. The contract details the terms of sale and the commission rate.


The team at Leonard Auction will setup and stage your sale. Our experts know how to find the hidden treasures in a residence and properly price items to sell in the local market. We bring in all the needed tables and display pieces to ensure that your items are properly showcased.


Leonard Auction will utilize a variety of methods to advertise your estate sale. From our extensive email list to dozens of online listings, we will ensure that your sale is in front of the best buyers.


The team at Leonard Auction will run an efficient estate sale that includes crowd control, security, experienced movers to help customers with purchases and trained sales staff to ensure items are sold for the highest possible price.


Leonard Auction will provide a listing of the items that sold at your sale and a check for the proceeds 10 business days after the sale. We will also work with you to disperse of items that may have not sold at the sale.